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JENNY KAVIT is an author, screenwriter, producer and actress.

In 2017 she wrote and published a critically acclaimed romantic suspense novel called "Take Me To The Start: Sophina's Diary" under pen name J.R. Kavit. She studied acting and theatre at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Hollywood, CA.

She also studied screenwriting in both Israel and at UCLA'S writers program and earned a BA in Political Science and International Relations with Honors. In the past, Kavit had an extremely popular blog on MaVeze- Israel's largest blogging community for generation Y writers. She has spent several years behind and in front of the camera as an actress and crew member where she became intimately familiar with the world of film and television.

In 2019, she wrote, produced and starred in a short film named “One” which earned her a best original screenplay nomination at the “Indie Short Fest Festival” in LA in 2020. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and writes in 3 languages: English, Hebrew and Spanish.

Jenny R. Kavit

Founder & Creative Director

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