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Ninja Unicorn

Eve and Adam attempt to get to know each other in a conversation through a wall. Each one in their own distinctive space try to see if this contact-less and merely despairing scenario can help the conversation reach to a point where they feel something real but their fear of revealing too much information is threatening to come in the way. Ninja Unicorn is a short film about the detachment and struggle of dating and being who you really are in a world saturated with social media FOMO and deceiving notion of endless opportunities.

Written and Directed by Jenny R. Kavit 

Actors: Maayan Loueb, Shlomi Tapiero 



We are currently working on a new 10-episode Dramedy and a new feature, both written and produced

by Jenny R. Kavit.

Obviously, we can't tell you much, but rest assured that it’s going to be amazing. 

Just wait for it….



TV and Film screenwriting as well as original and up to date content development.

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Based on Coldplay's epic song "The Scientist", 'Take me to the start: Sophina's Diary' is a riveting novel that tells the story of Sophia and Benjamin. When Sophia loses her job on one of the worst days of her life, she meets Benjamin King, an enigmatic British Scientist that makes her wishes come true and then disappears.


When a big secret comes to light, Sophia and Benjamin’s relationship takes a surprising turn. A mysterious, sexy and deeply moving novel about loss, pain and the courage to confront one’s past through love. Frustrated with the disappearance of the socially alienated thirty year old Scientist that changed her life, Sophia who defines herself as asexual and damaged, goes on a mission to find him and when she does, they discover that if they want to be a part of each other’s worlds, they’ll have to deal with their dark pasts. The past they worked so hard to hide. To make it work they will have to overcome their fears… or go back to the start.



Natalie, a 36 year-old entrepreneur, is struggling. After her business fails, she finds herself working as a Lyft driver, desperate to put a good face on a bad situation.

Even as she tries to fortify herself with affirmations and positive reminders, happiness and progress both seem beyond her reach. After receiving a call from her sister with surprising news, on the 4th of July, her first passenger of the evening is an old frenemy named Al, an unwanted presence on an already difficult night. Following a string of events, with independence day celebrations in the background, Natalie's late-night ride leads her to make a decision that will ultimately bridge the gap between who she is and who she pictured she would be.

ONE was made in 2019 and went through its festival run taking part in the “Indie shortfest Festival” in Los Angeles where it got a best original screenplay nomination. The short film had a world premiere at the “Lighthouse Film Festival“ in New Jersey.

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